New Parade

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Jan 262010

Link: New Parade

This is a link to the new parade we’re helping to create. January 30th, following the other parade that rolls that night through the French Quarter. It’s us, a myriad of other innerkrewes, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band & King Harry Shearer. This also marks the return of The Krewe Of Joyful Noize, open to anyone with a homemade instrument, the $40 krewedelusion parade dues, an outfit in our red-black-white colors and a desire throw down, noisician style. Follow the link for details.


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Jan 262010

The site hasn’t been tended to for most of the year, as we’ve been too busy actually doing stuff to sit around blogging about all the stuff we did. The year contained another amazing Voodoo Fest (heralded by our appearance on the cover of OffBeat Magazine!?), The 6t’9 Halloween Parade, a guest spot with The New Orleans BINGO! Show at JazzFest, our first successful summertime Underwear March, and a host of other gigs from bars to synagogues that have left us exhausted, but pleased with all we have accomplished and pleasantly surprised at how well we’ve been received. You don’t get into the noise business for the applause. We do what we do because, as John Lee Hooker said in Boogie Chillun, “it’s in ‘em, an’ it gots to come out”. But apparently, much of what is in us resonates with things in some of you out there. We are glad to be of service. And as it is said that attention is the currency of the new economy, we humbly thank you for paying attention. It means a great deal to us. To say that “time is money” is to seriously devalue time. It is the only currency that can never be refunded if it is spent unwisely. We’re glad you spent some of them with us this year. The year to come promises to be as, if not more, exciting. Many new endeavors. Watch this spot for details. I swear I’ll try to keep things current.

6 t’ 9 Hola-Ween 2009

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Jan 262010

Noisician Coalition Spasmodic Marching All-Stars in the 6’t9 SA&PC’s 2009 Halloween Parade.

Voodoo Fest

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Oct 232008

Noisician Coalition is marching EVERY morning at 10:15am, and Saturday at 3pm in a big fest-wide parade.  For more information please visit:

Happy Mardi Gras

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Feb 052008

No pictures yet. They will be epic. Some amazing photgraphers out there. But no photo will ever do it justice. The usual standards for victory were met; i.e. we shook the pillars of heaven and nobody went to prison. But the enthusiasm, endurance, creativity, and noisicianship reached new highs. Old guard and newcomers alike kicked much in the way of ass and refused to be stopped by battery outages and drum blowouts. Even the folks who just showed up brought a host of crazy new instruments to the table. Some even improvised instruments out of the trash infront of The Whirling Dervish. Grand, it was.

On behalf of The Emperor, I thank you one and all.


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Feb 042008

If you don’t know what’s going on tonight, what are you doing to remedy that situation? Who have you called? How many times? Find out or miss out.


Box O Wine Addendum

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Feb 032008

If you are not along St. Charles Avenue between Washington Avenue and Clio Street, in the great city of New Orleans, at 4pm today (Sunday February 3rd) you have made a series of grievous errors in judgement that have caused you, once again, to miss out on something amazing. While you rethink your life, The Noisician Coalition’s very own Spasmodic Marching All-Stars will join the krewe of Box O Wine in heralding the arrival of Bacchus. If you are there, bring your ear-plugs and drink up. See you at the Big Top.

Box O Wine Meetup Map

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Feb 032008

Box O Wine
Turning Point Lounge
1738 Washington Ave
New Orleans, LA 70113

Get Direction

3pm SHARP or we leave without you. If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you’re fired.