Jan 262010

The site hasn’t been tended to for most of the year, as we’ve been too busy actually doing stuff to sit around blogging about all the stuff we did. The year contained another amazing Voodoo Fest (heralded by our appearance on the cover of OffBeat Magazine!?), The 6t’9 Halloween Parade, a guest spot with The New Orleans BINGO! Show at JazzFest, our first successful summertime Underwear March, and a host of other gigs from bars to synagogues that have left us exhausted, but pleased with all we have accomplished and pleasantly surprised at how well we’ve been received. You don’t get into the noise business for the applause. We do what we do because, as John Lee Hooker said in Boogie Chillun, “it’s in ‘em, an’ it gots to come out”. But apparently, much of what is in us resonates with things in some of you out there. We are glad to be of service. And as it is said that attention is the currency of the new economy, we humbly thank you for paying attention. It means a great deal to us. To say that “time is money” is to seriously devalue time. It is the only currency that can never be refunded if it is spent unwisely. We’re glad you spent some of them with us this year. The year to come promises to be as, if not more, exciting. Many new endeavors. Watch this spot for details. I swear I’ll try to keep things current.

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