NC Presence Requested For Pres Hall Video

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Jan 252008

   We received this letter because we are all friends and/or family to The New Orleans Bingo! Show and Preservation Hall and they’d like to have as many of us as they can for this, in full regalia, with some instruments, though we won’t be performing.  I have reprinted it in full, omitting only the whens and wheres, since this is the public site and the secret base is not fully operational. NC members call MattVaughan, Lloyd, or Starnes for those details. Ron has them too, but as you’ll understand after reading this, he’s kind of busy. Annotations are marked with double brackets. [[Like so.]]

   “You may have already heard that we are presently up to our eyeballs in prep-work for our latest video shoot.  The video will be for The Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s recording of “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love,” another great song from the Made In New Orleans boxed collection featuring Clint Maedgen on vocals. This video, in many ways, is a follow-up to the “Complicated Life” video we shot in the summer of 2005.  It will be shot by the same great Director of Photography, Ralph Madison, who helped us with that project.  The theme of the video will be “Valentine’s Day in the French Quarter,” and the end product will be made available as a special Valentine’s Day e-card from Preservation Hall. 

            If you haven’t seen the “Complicated Life” video, you can check it out at or at where, in the four months since it was posted, it has been viewed over 35,000 times.  The bottom line is that this is going to be an incredibly cool and very special project promoting New Orleans music and culture, and we’d really like you to be a part of it. 

            Call time for extras is going to be [[at an amazingly early hour on an upcoming weekday]] in [[some part of the French Quarter]].  We know it’s early, but we think it’s going to be worth it.  We’re going to be making use of the great sunrise light in [[some part of the French Quarter]], as well as the fact that we’re talking about [[several days]] before Mardi Gras, here.  The earlier we shoot, the fewer deliveries and tourists we have to interfere with.  When you get to the Square, look for the check-in table.  There will be release forms for you to sign, and a fully stocked Craft Service table for you to graze from.  (Coffee! Donuts! Bagels! Fruit! Water! O.J.! Yay!)  There will be no monetary compensation for extras in this shoot, but it’s a labor of love and we hope that you’ll be as excited about it as we are.

            We’re asking that everyone come dressed in either appropriate costuming [[which for the marching band means whatever you consider your “band uniform”]] or “Sunday finest, Valentine’s Day date” attire [[other NC members we’d still like to rock “the colors”]].  If all goes according to plan, this video will be seen by people all over the world.  We want to keep it clean, but promote the character of this city we all love.  Basically, find your own version of “classy,” and roll with it.  If you have further questions about that, feel free to ask. 

            So that pretty well covers it.  Because of the large nature of this production and the huge number of extras we are hoping to enlist, we are asking that you R.S.V.P. by calling or emailing Lloyd [[NC members who don’t have Lloyd’s info can call MattVaughan, Ron, or Starnes]] when you know for sure that you will definitely be able to make it.  This will insure that we have a place for you and allow us to plan for an expedient shoot.  We must be done by [[still pretty early]], so organization is key.  In the event of cataclysmic weather patterns, a rainday will be scheduled for [[a different day]]. If there are a few scattered showers, we will proceed with the shoot as planned. “

ATTN: Coalition Members

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Jan 192008

If you run into anyone else on the team, ask them if they’ve seen this site yet, and if they haven’t, let them know that it’s important that they check it out. It is currently our only information broadcast point, and in order to make others, we need people to use this one to see what will be required of them. Thanks.

Marching Orders

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Jan 152008

We’re trying to make a comprehensive contact list for everyone we’ve marched with before, even if it’s been a few years. Contact Starnes or MattVaughan in any of the ususal ways with as much contact info as you can muster. We don’t need your blood type or mother’s maiden name, just ways that you can be reached. Be sure to list them in order of usefulness (i.e. MySpace is the least timely manner to contact Starnes, cell phone being the most, with texting best for anything one would need to write down). Even if you think we’ve already got your number (oh, we’ve got your number, alright) we still need e-mails, mobile numbers, IM, or any other crappy internet-based forms of communication. Also include what you played during any of the marches. If you’ve never marched, but want to, hold off on sending us anything until we post a request for it. That’s a whole other thing we’re not even close to starting on.

Pre-Ball Final Word

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Jan 132008

Marching Band Members- 8:30 Call at One Eyed Jack’s

Thought you already knew.


Voodoo ’07

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Jan 112008

Voodoo ‘07 – One of many by Robin Walker

More Ball Info

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Jan 072008

Yes, we’d like everyone in their fanciest red, black and whites. Dress up however you like beyond that. No need to hold to our usual post-apocalyptic communist clown army marching band esthetic for the ball. This goes for performers and spectators. Fancy your little hearts out.

No, we won’t be providing instruments for anyone but the marching band, most of whom have theirs already, unless they are in the shop. If they are, and you need a little alone time to “practice” beforehand, contact Starnes or MattVaughan to arrange  a pickup.

Anyone that needs any more info can feel free to contact Starnes or MattVaughan through the usual channels. Phone, e-mail, MySpace, etc.

The Cacophony Ball

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Dec 202007

January 13th, 2007 @ 10pm
One Eyed Jack’s
615 Toulouse St

The Noisician Coalition’s Krewe Of Joyful Noise will be holding its annual Cacophony Ball. This is just a “save the date” “plan ahead” “get the day off work” kinda thing. Details will follow. For now, all you need to know is that this event will be off all of the following: the hook, the chain, the charts, the grid, and most importantly, the wagon. It will, however, put us on the map. And possibly under the table.

The Horde

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Dec 202007

Lundi Gras 06 – Full Formation

photo by L.J. Goldstein


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Dec 202007

MattVaughan’s Interview on CurrentTV, plus footage from Dogsend 07